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Sout El Musica Studios
35, El Takafol st, El Taawon, El Haram,
Giza, Egypt
T +202 384 4320
F +202 383 5108

1031A / 1034B / 1033A

Sout El Musica Studios

Sout El Musica, previously known as Sout El Hob, is one of the leading studios in the Middle East region. Located at the heart of Cairo, Sout El Musica studios are a major gear in the music industry in the region. Our strategic location as a midpoint between the Egyptian Radio and Television building, the Cairo Media City, several hotels and of course the Pyramids adds more comfort to our guests and clients. The Building of Sout El Musica was initially designed and constructed by British experts. Both studios contain a blend of various brands of professional audio equipment. One of the latest additions is a large recording room designed by Osama Wadie Farag from Arc.Root, one of the leading companies doing acoustical and interior designs to studios in Egypt.

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