Genelec S30D Digital Monitoring System

Genelec S30D
[The CD in the product pictures is to help scaling the size of the product - it is not part of the product shipment]

The Genelec S30D is a three-way Digital Monitoring System including a digital audio interface, balanced analog audio input, loudspeaker drivers, speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active, low level crossovers. All these are carefully aligned and housed within the loudspeaker cabinet.

Featuring a 96 kHz/24-bit digital audio interface and a proprietary ribbon tweeter capable of reproducing up to 50 kHz acoustic output, the S30D is a no compromise design. The fast, low distortion amplifiers are capable of driving a stereo system to peak output levels in excess of 122 dB SPL at 1 m with program signals. Versatile crossover controls allow for precise matching of the speaker system to different acoustic conditions.

Designed for relatively small control rooms and available in vertical and horizontal versions, this system is ideal for multichannel digital workstations, mastering work, general purpose broadcasting and television studios, post production facilities and mobile recording vehicles. The high output and absolute reproduction accuracy make the S30D an ultimate nearfield monitor in recording studios.

As the digital interface and amplifiers are built into the speaker enclosure, the only connections required are the mains supply and the digital (or analog) input signal, making the S30D very easy to setup.

Please note: This product is no longer in production but we guarantee the supply of spare parts at least until the year 2016.
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