Genelec 1091A
Active Subwoofer

Genelec 1091A

The Genelec 1091A active subwoofer incorporates the amplifier and all crossover electronics. It reproduces frequencies 38 - 85 Hz (± 2.5 dB), and the sonic quality is maintained by a steep crossover filter (24 dB/octave). The subwoofer has two input connectors and adjustable sensitivity.

The 1091A has one 210 mm (8") cone driver, capable of producing high SPL's. The driver is housed in a 15 litre vented cabinet. It is specially front loaded to improve both the passband efficiency and stopband rejection.

The amplifier unit, integrated into the cabinet, consists of the active crossover filter, driver overload protection circuits and a power amplifier. The amplifier produces 70 W of output power, with very low THD and IM distortion. It is mounted on thick aluminium with excellent heat dissipation. Driver overload protection, power-on signal muting, thermal overload and short circuit protection are included in the amplifier circuitry.

Genelec 1091A was in production during the years of 1996 - 2003 and was replaced with LSE™ series subwoofers.

Please note: This product is no longer in production but we guarantee the supply of spare parts at least until the year 2013.
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